Gentle Steps Foundation (GSF) is dedicated to working toward strengthening families by providing educational and supportive opportunities for families to determine and implement a series of "small but significant changes" to their daily practices. Working together with the “protective factors framework” families will have additional prospects to flourish, including in times of difficulties. 

Our programs are geared to be of service to all families and believe that all family members need nourishment in building on the protective factors.  We have adopted the following seven program strategies (actions) as a means to develop programs that strengthen families:

Active Strategies
Facilitate friendships and mutual support
Strengthening Parenting
Respond to family crisis
Link families to services and opportunities
Facilitate children's social and emotional development
Observe and respond to early signs of child abuse and/or neglect
Value and support Parents

Strengthening Families
Optimal Child Development
Reduce "At Risk" Factors

Protective Factors
Parental Resilience
Social Connections
Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
Concrete Support in Times of Need
Social and Emotional Support for Children


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